• 10 Years Building World-Class Software
    Software experts passionate about our programming. From cell phones to servers, we are your project's technical delivery team.
  • Connect Visualize Analyze
    The Connectivity Solution for Energy & Industrial Internet of Things
  • Full-Cycle Solutions
    ConnectSolution.io is Above and Beyond Just Software Provider
  • Enterprise Ready
    Insightful and Streamlined approach to develop large Enterprise IoT platform


ConnectSolution.io has years of enterprise software/hardware platform development experience. Our design approach eliminate unnecessary overhead and deliver end results to your enterprise with ease.

  • Open Cloud Framework

    ConnectSolution software-defined network provides ultra-scalable, self-improving cellular connectivity that scales with your device deployments. Generic and custom query support to easily search in the system or through a northbound REST API.

  • Advanced Visualization

    ConnectSolution is an all-in-one visualization software platform that makes it simple to create professional-looking data visualization platform both on desktop interface and mobile devices which are tightly integrated with our backend.

  • Data Engine

    ConnectSolution implement state of art Insightful and streamlined approach to connect, managing and store real time IoT data. Seemless integration of multiple data formats from industrial sensor sources and control systems.

  • Data Analytics

    Cloud-based real-time data acquisition, analytics and reporting platform. Our platform is powered by advanced machine learning and data analytics engine which can create innovative and interdisciplinary solutions and approaches by integrating various sources bridging business and technology.

  • Products


    We believe that the next wave of connected devices needs a platform that focuses on both data infrastructure and analytical capabilities. ConnectSolution.io allows our customers to build and manage their platform with ease.


    We provide professional services and management specializing in enterprise software, from optimization, upgrades and improvements in your current platform to implementation and integration of new software infratructure. We are known for the high level of service we deliver and a long-term, satisfied client base.


    We believe that the next wave of connected devices needs a secure platform that focuses on both global network infrastructure and customer value. We focus on maintain our software infrastructure’s data integrity and security as our highest priority includes advanced security features such as automatic device fire-walling and advanced session authentication.


    We deploy advanced analytics for decision support, helping clients improve operational effectiveness and efficiency through innovative uses of data and analytics. We help clients build the advanced analytics platform and capabilities required to execute strategies and deploy decision support applications.


    Our experience in Industries

    Oil and Gas

    Smart Manufacturing

    Commercial Buildings